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Toto is a Japanese company. We are focusing on water related products. We not only make these products but also focus on the function and make use of high technology to provide a new lifestyle for our customers. Practical designs and high technology is our USP and we target the 4-star and 5-star hotels. Also, we try to focus on the eco-friendly products. To reduce water usage and electricity conservation, we have introduced the sensors which you can see in high-end hotels and malls. They are battery operated and they recharge by running water and hence each battery can last about 15 years. The product range includes Bath Tubs, Wash Basins, Shower Panels, W.C., Fine Ceramics, Kitchens, etc. Toto products are categorized for different kinds of people. The price starts from Rs.7000 and goes upto Rs.9,00,000 for Water Closets and Basins starts from 3,000 and goes upto 7,00,000.
Toto products are extremely high end taking care of luxury. The latest range NEOREST is perceived to be the most exclusive W.C. in the world. It has some exclusive features like :- 1) Its automatic self-washing wand extends to provide a gentle stream of aerated water for safe and effective cleansing. 2) Auto powered deodorizer, a warm air dryer with temperature adjustment, energy saving timer-operated seat heater and 3) automatic opening and closing of the seat and lid. All these features are controlled by a wireless remote with LCD panel….